Creating new value, deepening our value chain

As one of the Sumitomo Corporation's core businesses, the Metal Products Business Unit established the organization of Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals so they could perform the important role from planning through to execution of business strategy. As our company mission "Creating new value in global market, Distributing to our society", utilizing all Sumitomo Corporation’s management resources such as our Global Network, we pursue superior technology and richer know-how specialized for metal businesses such as steel. Through this unique business model, we endeavor to strengthen our relationship with business partners and to deepen our value chain.

Steel Sheet & Strip Business

Generating synergies with existing businesses by providing a product lineup covering steel sheets through to components.

?Domestic and International trading of hot rolled steel sheets, cold rolled steel sheets and surface coated steel sheets
?Investment and management for steel service centers and steel parts processing company

Handling everything from raw material through to finished products, by collaborating with Sumitomo Corporation's subsidiaries of manufacturing of galvanized steel sheets and color coated steel sheets, enables us to achieve good synergy in various business steps such as procurement, inventory, process, supply and information transfer, to satisfy every customer's needs.

Our business foundation in the sales capabilities of steel service centers.

One of the functions of steel service centers is to process big steel sheet coil to the size/shape required by customers.
Steel service center network all over the world of Sumitomo Corporation Group has a unified material procurement system, high quality processes and SCM (just-in-time delivery) for distributing to every customer's business development.

Semi-finished Products Business

Supplying semi-finished products to steel mills around the world.

Handling semi-finished product, mainly so-called "slabs."
A slab is a length of metal that is rectangular in cross-section. It is created directly by continuous casting or indirectly by rolling an ingot in a slab mill.
Our customers are mainly overseas steel makers. We endeavor to acquire more supply source options to meet customer's needs.

Electrical Steel Sheet Business

Electrical steel—an essential material for energy and mobility infrastructures.

Tighter global environmental regulations are driving demand for highly efficient transformers and motors, which in turn is increasing demand for high quality electrical steel. We are fully utilizing Sumitomo Corporation group's supply chain to develop our electrical steel business and meet market demands.

Tin Mill Products Business

Tin mill products widely adapted in products like canning, familiar to consumers.

Tin mill products, widely used in products very familiar to consumers, including cans for food and beverages as well as toys and candy boxes, excel in corrosion resistance, coating ability and printability. We provide tin mill products and related materials all over the world, and furthermore we are enhancing our business by collaborating with Sumitomo Corporation's operation of tin products production in Thailand and China.

Plate & Construction Steel Products Business

Strengthening sales to the field of energy and infrastructure along with existing businesses.

One of our core businesses is sales of steel plates for domestic/overseas manufacturers of ships and industrial machinery, however, in addition to this, another important business is sales of steel plates and shaped steel for projects related to natural resource, energy and infrastructure.
Moreover, in the domestic steel plate business for the construction industry, our related company has a key role and aims to enhance its presence in the business field pursuing business opportunities for the overseas construction industry.
Our business is not only trading but also investment, which is our key business factor, and always looking for business opportunities and challenges in new business field.

Steel Sheet for Automotive Industry Business

Our advantage is the deep trust we have established with customers in the automotive industry

This business focuses on sales of hot rolled/cold rolled/surface treated/stainless steel sheets to customers in the automotive-related manufacturing sector. It also conducts investment in and management of our steel service centers.
The automotive industry has seen remarkable progress, most clearly represented by the development of clean energy vehicles. To keep pace with such progress, we are increasing our steel service center capacity and enhancing its operation. By supplying key materials through the service center, we are establishing an organization capable of responding to customers' sophisticated demands and strengthening our business platform.

Mechanical Tubular Products Business

To be a global solution provider specialized in mechanical tubular products

We supply mechanical tubular products made to customer specifications for the automotive, construction and industrial machinery sectors in domestic and overseas markets, providing the best solutions from the perspective of quality, cost, delivery and service.
To respond to customer needs properly, we will collaborate with Sumitomo Corporation Group's domestic and overseas steel tubular products business, adopting new and better technologies at every opportunity. We will enhance our tubular products supply chain right around the world and strengthen our specialization in this product category.

Specialty Tubular Products Business

Supplying specialty tubular products for energy plants that are vital to social infrastructure.

We supply specialty tubular products that are essential to social infrastructure in particular to energy plants including thermal and nuclear power generation, petroleum refining and liquefied natural gas to heavy industries, oil companies, engineering companies, fabricators and distributors around the world.
In the arena of specialty tubular business with its wide variety of applications in diverse industries, we are in a position to gain further opportunities for growth by flexibly revising our product mix to react to future structural shifts while anticipating changes in the state of the energy industry.

Specialty Steel Business

Superlative properties of specialty steel can contribute to every customer’s satisfaction.

Our business scope is trading multi-functional and high-grade specialty steel wire, bars and tool steels, and managing subsidiary companies handling processing and logistics depots. Steel wire is used for concrete blocks and tires for their reinforcement, and also used for bolts/screws/springs for automotives. Steel bars are mainly used for crankshafts, gear parts and axles for automotives and tool steel is used for tooling dies by various kinds of manufacturers. With this lineup and technical knowledge and rich experience in the processes of specialty steel, we can fulfill every customer's needs.

Steel Service Center network to fulfill customer needs for automotive and home appliance industries.

steel service center network covers countries and regions in the world with companies located close to automotive/home appliance manufacturer's factories.
With an established production system to fulfill customer’s requirements properly, IT, LT, FT and inventory control for JIT delivery, we always maintain a high-quality service.