A Message
from The President

President and CEO
Kazunari Sakata

In April, 2016, the company made a new step forwards by changing its name to "Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Co., Ltd. (SCGM)"

SCGM was born in 2003 to integrate a part of Sumitomo Corporation's metal products business, from planning strategies to their implementation. It received support from all of you to overcome the tempestuous changes in the external environment and built foundations for the organization. In recent times, rapid computerization has accelerated the globalization of corporate activities and the rise of business in emerging countries has brought multi-polarization to the world society. I feel this has promoted the diversification of the worldwide industrial structure. Accordingly, while I cherish the business we have cultivated to present, I also want this to be a company that pushes for an optimistic future.

The strength of SCGM is its business foundations, which combine the management resources of an integrated trading company with the expertise of a metal products trading company. The company's mission is to utilize the assets, resources, and network of the Sumitomo Corporation Group to its full, and to create new value through the work of its metal products business. I would like to provide the most suitable metal products for this age, where a new level of global competition continues and the pace of change is accelerating, as well as develop enterprises through the cooperation of global partners.

With the spirit of enterprise from SCGM’s establishment as a cornerstone, we aim to remain “the best challenger”, a company that is continually ahead of the coming era, to maintain our respect for dependability, and to be “the best partner” and number one choice for everyone. Placing great value in our spirit of innovation, we will strive to create enterprises that contribute to the development of the global society.

I hope you will continue to show your support and understanding towards Sumitomo Corporation Global Metals Co., Ltd.

Kazunari Sakata, President and CEO